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At Group 4 Dental Lab, we are excited to use industry leading systems that have proven track records delivering stellar results. The NobelClinician® software suite facilitates our planning of implant-supported treatment cases. It also provides us with a solid starting point in our workflow when crafting any product within the Nobel Biocare® catalog.

Facilitating Efficiency, Producing Results

We are always innovating new ways to help your practice get what it needs quickly, and efficiently. Often this means building strong lines of communication with you and your staff to allow a more effective means of collaboration. As a dental lab, our passion lies in building a strong working relationship with you. NobelClinician® gives us another way to accomplish just that.

Using this tool, we are able to plan and communicate valuable treatment plan options with you. We are able to visualize the patient’s CBCT data alongside the intra-oral situation and diagnostic setup. If you run NobelClinician® in your office, we can even communicate digitally through the application with you.

Nobel Biocare®, Industry Leading Innovation

We at Group 4 Dental Lab, understand the importance of partnerships with industry leaders such as Nobel Biocare®. Using Nobel Biocare® software suites allows us to guarantee a perfect case from start to finish, saving time and money.

Our Process

We accept both physical and digital impressions from our clients. On the digital front, apart from NobelClinician® we accept files from any open STL export system:
•  iTero
•  3M Trudef

When you send us an impression digitally you have the advantage of quicker turn-around times on your cases. When you switch to digital impressions, not only does your office not need to stock the impression material, the preparation work and set times go out the window as well. When you switch to digital impressions, your turn-around times are dramatically improved, leading to happier clients and greater profit margins.

In our state-of-the-art facility, we run three different CAD/CAM and milling systems -Zirkonzahn® CAD systems, 3Shape® CAD systems, and of course Nobel Biocare’s NobeClinician®. All of our restoration cases are initially run through our CAD department, which is manned by highly skilled CAD technicians. Whether it’s crowns, bridges, implants, surgical guides, or temporaries it is digitally designed in the CAD/CAM department.

Once it has been designed or re-touched in the CAD department it is sent either to the wet milling department, or the dry milling department (depending on the product desired). All of our E.max restorations are sent through a Wieland Zenotech Select Hybrid wet mill. All of the zirconia products are sent through a Zirkonzahn M5 dry mill.

Improved Communication

The advent of digital impressions has allowed us to take advantage of much more efficient communications techniques than ever before. When we are able to quickly and easily look at a digital impression, we are able to immediately provide you feedback on your cases.

Call our office today at (503) 297-2431to place your case order. We are happy to serve any practice in the US!
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