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IPS e.Max®

One of the most popular products on the market today in dental restorations is the IPS e.Max®. IPS e.Max® is composed of monolithic lithium disilicate ceramic and is able to deliver a stunning looking product that combines strength and versatility and always makes for a perfect fit. When compared with many of the PFM and zirconia-based alternatives, IPS e.Max® offers an affordable and often superior set of traits.

We wet-mill all of our IPS e.Max® case restorations in one of our Wieland Zenotec Select Hybrid mills to ensure a precise fit that is exactly the same from one restoration to another. This ensures that you can count on the fit of our restorations every time unlike labs that use pressing techniques that can result in unreliable fits.

Reliable Fit, Superior Aesthetics

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You can count on the fit of our restorations every time
Wet milling our IPS e.Max® restorations allows us to cut out any guesswork that would normally need to be done when pressing a material. By eliminating the inconsistencies that are caused by expansion and contraction of the investment procedure, we can achieve a more reliably consistent fit. By wet-milling our case restoration we remove that guesswork and ensure you a superior fit that you can count on.

Why is IPS e.Max® such a popular restoration product right now? It provides a truly natural look with a strength that allows it to be used in almost every indication available. It can be used as thin veneers or smaller bridges, provided adequate connector thickness. If a restoration calls for a material that is able to deal with high masticatory stress, like posterior bridges, we generally indicate our monolithic zirconia materials.

At Group 4 Dental Lab, we believe ultimate aesthetics are achieved by layering all of our anterior IPS e.Max® restorations. By layering and customizing each restoration, we are able to achieve a more accurate shade that matches a patient's existing dentition. By combining layered anterior aesthetics with our free in-lab shade consultation, you will receive a more accurate, life-like appearance in your final IPS e.Max® restorations. Layered anterior IPS e.Max® cases are simply the most beautiful restorations on the market today.

Monolithic Structure, Monolithic Strength

e max abutment blocks
Provide a truly natural look with reliable strength
When produced to full-contour or monolithic restorations, the IPS e.Max® has set the record for the most robust ceramic system to date. When dealing with veneers this system is able to cut down almost entirely on chipping and cracking that traditional veneer restorations show.

When faced with restorations in zirconia and PFM, cracks and chips generally occur due to weak (120 MPa) porcelain material having mastication forces exerted upon them. The underlying metal or zirconia based substructure will often have no issues due to their incredible strength (1000+ MPa) but the failure of the outer layer of porcelain can result in a restoration failure nonetheless.

IPS e.Max® maintains a homogenous strength of 360-400 MPa through the entire restoration. By producing a restoration with no layering, we are able to offer strength as well as a beautiful aesthetic. As an added benefit, these indications can be attached with conventional or adhesive cementation.

The unique crystalline structure of lithium disilicate gives the proper opalescence, translucency and the unique light diffusion properties of natural teeth. When you want the perfect aesthetic match, go with IPS e.Max®

Please call us today at (503) 297-2431 to place your case order. If you prefer to use email you can always reach us at We proudly serve anywhere in the US and are happy to provide free pickup and delivery of all case restorations.
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Learn about our dental lab technology
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