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Full Gold Crowns

At Group 4 Dental Lab we respect the art of our craft intensely. This is why we go to such efforts to employ only the best and most talented technicians and experts in all our departments. The art of producing fine cast gold restorations is one that we take great pride in. All of our gold is offered in high noble and noble alloys.

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Gold remains one of the best and most used options in the market

Gold has been used to restore teeth for over 2,500 years. Even today, in a time where we have extreme amounts of money, effort, and research going into dental technology, gold remains one of the best and most used options in the market. When a restoration has the ability to last the full lifetime of a patient, it is no wonder that we keep coming back to gold – it works!

Gold Offers The Most Versatility in Restorations

When it comes to high quality, long lasting restorations, gold is the safest choice on the market. No other alloy, ceramic, or zirconia is as biocompatible and plaque-resistant. No other restoration can boast the same level of care on opposing dentition and natural enamel. We love gold for the way it treats teeth and how compatible it is with long lasting dental health.

We offer gold crowns, inlays, onlays, and bridges in white high noble gold, yellow high noble gold, and yellow noble gold.

Our Process

We don’t keep large stocks of any of our metals which allows us to keep our prices extremely competitive. Our gold restorations are easy to polish because of the superior casting methods we use. Further, gold restorations are well known for their superior fit and ease of adjustment.

Gold crowns are designed using the same CAD/CAM technology as our other restorations. This allows for the same consistency in fit, contacts, and occlusion as all of our other restorative options. All of our full gold restorations are polished with care and shipped immediately upon completion.

The Most Beautiful Medium

Gold dental restorations are one of our favorite products to work on. The high success rate of gold means that your client will be happy for years to come. Our highly skilled technicians have decades of experience casting gold and treat every restoration with meticulous care, and passion for the art of gold restoration work.

The benefits of gold are manifold:
•  Longevity
•  Historically very successful in clinical use
•  Available in noble and high noble white and yellow alloys
•  Indicated for single unit crowns, multi-unit bridges, onlays and inlays, and implants
•  High maginal integrity
•  High marginal durability
•  Excellent for patients who are parafunctional

Occasional Contraindications patients who suffer from metal allergies.

Call our office at (503) 297-2431 today to place your case order. If you prefer to use email or if it is after business hours you can always contact us at Remember, we take care of shipping anywhere in the continental US so that your practice can focus on its clients, not on fussing with shipping.
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