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Custom Abutments: Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and Atlantis / Astra

Dentist Beaverton, OR

Nobel Biocare® Abutments

nobel abutments
We make sure that all our abutments work perfectly with the implants we engineer them for
When it comes to providing out clients with dependable, high-quality restorations, we at Group 4 Dental Lab have your best interest at heart. We use a wide variety of implant scanning systems to determine the make of your cases so we can match the appropriate abutments to your implants. We only use genuine parts and never mix and match brands to ensure that the warranty on all of your client’s restorations remain intact. We are pleased to offer Nobel Biocare’s® abutments and screw-retained crowns.

Nobel Biocare® - Broad Selection, Individualized Results
When an absolutely perfect fit is called for in your abutments, Nobel Biocare® offers the solution. Predictable clinical outcomes are achieved through components that are designed with exacting standards and a very low tolerance of error – Nobel Biocare’s® implant and abutment systems are designed in this manner.

The Nobel Biocare® Promise
Nobel® provides lifetime warranties with their implants, screws, and abutments. When using restorations that are not from Nobel® with their products, that does void the warranty. For this very reason we only use genuine parts in all of the restorations that we produce.

In order to ensure that all warranties stay valid we have adopted almost all proprietary scanning and CAD/CAM systems to ensure that we can reliably produce restorations that will stay covered by the manufacturer.

To help us to produce the perfect restoration for Nobel® products we utilize the NobelClinician® software suite. This allows us to accept any Nobel® proprietary case files from you, which greatly increases turnaround time. We also accept files from any open STL export system, including:

•  iTero
•  Carestream

We also accept files for the following closed export systems:

•  NobelClinician
•  Dental Wings
•  3Shape Implant Studio

By sending us your cases digitally, we can shave a decent amount of time off of most case restorations.

Please call us today at (503) 297-2431 or email us at to place your case orders. We are happy to pay for shipping to and from our Portland, OR facility so that you can focus on what is important to your practice.

Straumann® Abutments

straumann abutments
Designed to offer patient-specific emergence profiles and an anatomic shape to support optimal soft tissue management
We at Group 4 Dental Lab firmly believe in providing you with genuine parts for every single case you place with us. By avoiding mixing and matching one brand’s restoration materials with another we avoid compatibility issues and ensure a proper fit that is covered by the producer warranty. We are proud to offer Straumann® custom abutments to our clients.

Straumann®, an Industry Leader
Straumann® has been providing high-quality dental restorations on a global scale for decades. Started in Basel, Switzerland, Straumann® is one of the only companies in the world that offers regenerative, restorative and surgical solutions from bone to crown.

When you choose Straumann® products you are committing to the highest quality and standards in dental restoration today.

Abutments to Fit a Wide Variety of Cases
Straumann® CARES® abutments allow us to offer your patients a personal and unique emergence profile along with an anatomic shape that supports optimal soft tissue management. These abutments offer unparalleled control over the cement gap by allowing the margin to be perfectly placed on each and every restoration.

We offer Straumann® abutments in the following materials:

•  Ceramic
•  Zirconia
•  Titanium
•  VarioBase

Flexibility in insertion path is one of the most versatile benefits an abutment can boast. Anything that makes your job easier and gives you more options to fit the needs of your patients can be a lifesaver. With Straumann’s® optimized insertion path technology they have built flexibility into the design parameters to allow for angulation corrections and adjustments.

Please call us today at (503) 297-2431 to place your case order. We take care of shipping to and from our facility, and are reachable by email at

Atlantis™ / Astra Tech® Abutments

atlantis abutmentsIndividually designed abutments for implant-based, cement-retained restorations
When you need an abutment that is able to support both screw- and cement-retained solutions on most major implant systems, you can count on Atlantis™ to give you a product with a high success rate and aesthetic value. We are excited to offer this robust product line and are confident that when you choose Atlantis™ you choose peace of mind.

Bringing Versatility to You
Atlantis™ has always brought the best in aesthetics and durability to your patients. Offering both titanium and zirconia options, the flexibility in these systems is unmatched.

The Group 4 Dental Lab Promise
At Group 4 Dental Lab, our main goal is to forge a strong working relationship with our clients. We understand and value the importance customer service – an art that is too rare today. The trend in dental fabrication today is that of volume and heavy reliance on technology at the cost of the relationship the lab shares with the practices they serve.

We believe in providing you with the best of both worlds, boasting an impressive array of technology that allows us to be fast and efficient, while also giving us time to focus on your needs and how we can better serve your practice.

We are happy to cover shipping to and from our facility so that you are able to focus on your clients, not shipping issues. You can always reach us at or call us at (503) 297-2431 to place your case orders.
Phone: (503) 297-2431

Learn about our dental lab technology
Learn about our dental lab technology
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At Group 4 Dental Laboratory, we are pleased to offer Nobel Biocare’s® abutments and screw-retained crowns. Learn more here!
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