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Restorations at Group 4 Dental Lab

When looking for the perfect combination of strength and durability for a patient who wants an aesthetically pleasing restoration, many dentist's favorite choice is porcelain fused to zirconia (PFZ). The superior strength of our zirconia frameworks (up to 1250 MPa) and the fact that it's natural aesthetic is much closer to that of a tooth makes it a fantastic base. These traits allow PFZ restorations to support 3-6 unit bridges that last many years.

Porcelain fused to zirconia restoration

Why choose PFZ restorations?

The strength of zirconia is one of its biggest selling points, but it provides strong aesthetic value as well. Because zirconia is naturally much closer to the color of teeth than alloys it can easily be placed anywhere in the mouth.

We only use the highest quality in all of our porcelain restorations. Vita VM9 is what we use for all our PFZ restorations. Offering extremely high flexural strength and an aesthetic that allows it to function magnificently on posterior as well as anterior cases. The bonding of this porcelain onto a zirconia framework offers some of the strongest bonds between porcelain and zirconia in the dental market today.

Unlike PFM restorations that don't allow light to pass through, PFZ restorations allows light transmissions, which gives them the translucency required to act as anterior teeth.

Dependable Case Restorations Every Time

When you work with us you can depend on the same fit, quality, and aesthetic on your 1000th case as you received on the first case order you placed with us. Every case passes through the same CAD/CAM design and markup process. Our highly skilled and extremely experienced CAD staff then send the cases to be milled. We have honed our process over the course of many years and it allows us to offer our clients stability in cases with excellent turnaround times.

Our team of porcelain technicians have a combined 70+ years of experience in the art of dental restorations and porcelain placement. When you receive work from these highly trained experts you will immediately see the difference between our porcelain work and that of our competition. The art of dental restoration fabrication is alive and well at Group 4 Dental Lab, and represents the time honored tradition of excellence that we infuse in every restoration that we complete.

Call us today at (503) 297-2431 to place a case order. We are always able to be reached at Don't forget - we pay for shipping both to and from our facility so you and your staff can focus on your patients.
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