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Monolithic Zirconia

Prettau® (MZ)

For many years, dental restorations relied heavily on the porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) model. While the metal provides a strong base for the restoration, the point of failure usually tends to be the bond between the metal and the porcelain. With the introduction of all-zirconia, CAD/CAM-fabricated dental restorations, such as Prettau® (MZ) has become a very appealing option both aesthetically and structurally. Prettau® (MZ) has helped to bring strength and aesthetic beauty to dental restorations.

Prettau Zirkonzahn teeth mold

The Advantages of Prettau® (MZ)

MZ crowns require less time to fabricate than your typical PFM restoration

MZ gives us quite a few advantages that allow it to be an extremely viable option in today’s competitive market.

Low Cost and Fast Turn-Around

MZ crowns require less time to fabricate than your typical PFM restoration, and are therefore less costly. When you take into consideration the fact that many dental offices are taking advantage of digital impression systems the turn-around time becomes even shorter.

When you send us a digital case we are able to begin planning the design in CAD almost immediately. Once our team of highly trained CAD/CAM technicians finish readying the impression for production it can be sent to one of our Zirkonzahn dry mills to be fabricated.

Great Aesthetics and High Strength

MZ offers a much more appealing look than FGC. The high flexural strength of MZ (950-1050 MPa) also allows them to withstand the constant masticatory pressures that the posterior teeth endure on a regular basis.

Because these restorations are homogenous throughout, they are given the added bonus of lasting for many years. Fused restoration options have a much lower strength on the outer portion of the restoration and when they crack or chip, that’s essentially a failed restoration. While the base layer remains strong and intact the chips and cracks can easily lead to issues with occlusion. These monolithic options, like MZ, offer you and your patient a solid and dependable restoration that will stand the test of time.

Biocompatibility Means Stellar Soft-Tissue Response

Soft-tissue response to MZ restorations are overwhelmingly positive. Because zirconia restorations produce a response very similar to porcelain veneers, the typical MZ restoration leaves the gums pink, healthy, and stippled. Zirconia has proven itself in the medical field to be a poster-child for soft-tissue acceptance.

Properties of zirconia include reduced bacterial adhesion and a very high resistance to fracture. It lends itself well to polishing and best of all, finish lines can be either supragingival or subgingival.

Group IV Dental Lab’s Goal

At Group 4 Dental Lab, our goal is to build relationships that last a lifetime with our clients. Being able to count on your dental lab for timely and perfect fitting restorations can take a huge burden off of your office. By giving you a product you can depend on at a stellar price, we know you will be pleased.

Please call us today at (503) 297-2431 to place your case orders. You can always reach us by email at We accept files from any open STL export system.
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